MUSE: Hotel / Hospitality Marketing

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then what does it take to get the world to first catch a glimpse of your establishment? An ingenuity in pitching the right message, to strike the right chord is required.

To conceptualize, visualize, then materialize your hotel is an arduous task, but to then compress all this in its very essence to get the message out? Impress us with your strategically crafted message.

Hotel / Hospitality Marketing categories

MK2101. Advertising / Marketing Campaign (NEW)
MK2102. Advertising / Marketing Single - Direct Mail (NEW)
MK2103. Advertising / Marketing Single - Print Advertising (NEW)
MK2104. Advertising / Marketing Single - Promotional Video (NEW)
MK2105. Advertising / Marketing Single - TV Commercial (NEW)
MK2106. Advertising / Marketing Single (NEW)
MK2107. Best Customer & / or Employee Engagement (NEW)
MK2108. Best Innovation (NEW)
MK2109. Best Local Community Activities (NEW)
MK2110. Best Media & Public Relations Activity (NEW)
MK2111. Best Partnership Marketing (NEW)
MK2112. Best Use of Social Media in Marketing (NEW)
MK2113. Best Website (NEW)
MK2114. COVID-19-related - Crisis Communications / Management (NEW)
MK2115. COVID-19-related - CSR (NEW)
MK2116. COVID-19-related - Recovery Strategies (NEW)
MK2117. Digital Campaign - Contests / Sweepstakes (NEW)
MK2118. Digital Campaign - Integrated Market Campaign for Consumers (B2C) (NEW)
MK2119. Digital Campaign - Search Marketing Strategy (NEW)
MK2120. Digital Campaign - Social Media Campaign (NEW)
MK2121. Digital Marketing Innovation (NEW)
MK2122. Digital Marketing Series - Multimedia (Video, Flash, Animation) (NEW)
MK2123. Digital Single Item - Social Media / Social Networking (NEW)
MK2124. Digital Single Item - Video (NEW)
MK2125. Digital Single Item - Website (NEW)
MK2126. Integrated Marketing Campaign (NEW)
MK2127. PR Campaign - Influencer Marketing (NEW)
MK2128. PR Campaign - Marketing Program: Consumer (NEW)
MK2129. PR Campaign - New Opening / Launch (NEW)
MK2130. PR Campaign - Relaunch of Existing Product (NEW)
MK2131. PR Campaign - Special Event (NEW)
MK2132. PR Single - Feature Placement Online: Consumer Magazine / Newspaper (NEW)
MK2133. PR Single - Feature Placement Online: Consumer Media (NEW)
MK2134. PR Single - Feature Placement Online: Trade Media (NEW)
MK2100. Hotel Marketing / Others___ (NEW)

Deadlines & Fees

In MUSE Hotel Awards, your submissions are based on individual entries, not based off groups. Any luxury hotel or establishments are eligible regardless of size of property.

Winners are chosen based on submission of one project, and not for an entire body of work.
Entry Period Early Bird
(Jan 13 - Feb 11, 2021)
(Feb 12 - Mar 11, 2021)
(Mar 12 - Apr 15, 2021)
1st Category entry $139 $149 $169
2nd Category Included Included Included
Additional 3rd Category and Above $99 $109 $129

* Fees are not refundable. If you withdraw your entry, or it is withdrawn by the MUSE Awards for noncompliance with our rules, your entry fee will NOT be refunded.

Multiple entries must be submitted with your initial entry in order to be counted as “additional entries”.

The entry fee and a 3-night complimentary voucher are required for entry to the Hotel Awards. The fee covers the extensive global marketing and exposure we provide to winners throughout the year, with the 3-night room voucher being reserved for conducting site inspections. Though encouraged, the latter is not a requirement for you to enter the competition.


The Winner of the MUSE Hotel Awards will have their winning works highlighted on the winner page of the MUSE Hotel Awards website and published on all of its social media platform for a full year.

In addition, Regal and Royal Muse winners will receive a complimentary certificate, a personalized press release and graphical downloads for promotional uses. Winners may also choose to purchase their statuettes for a fee to commemorate your win. All winning designs will also be featured in Muse.World, our main online media platforms for all things extraordinary.


Sleek, limited edition statuettes to signify your crowning achievement


Showcase your winning work with a published interview you complete with our convenient release form


Promote your achievement on correspondence, social media, websites, and more


Reputation-building endorsement personalized for you, and suitable for framing


Take your place in our "hall of fame" by adding your name to the pantheon of winners


Build success with promotional coverage on our high-visibility website and press releases


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