HOTEL Awards

Boutique Hotel

BH2301 World-Class Adventure Boutique Hotel

BH2302 World-Class All-Suite Boutique Hotel

BH2303 World-Class Art Boutique Hotel

BH2304 World-Class Beach / Coastal Boutique Hotel

BH2305 World-Class Boutique at Sea Hotel

BH2306 World-Class Boutique B&B Hotel

BH2307 World-Class Boutique City Hotel

BH2308 World-Class Boutique on a Budget

BH2309 World-Class Boutique Palace Hotel

BH2310 World-Class Boutique Hotel Suite

BH2311 World-Class Branded Boutique Hotel

BH2312 World-Class Business & Leisure Boutique Hotel

BH2313 World-Class Classic Boutique Hotel

BH2314 World-Class Concept Boutique Hotel

BH2315 World-Class Convention Boutique Hotel

BH2316 World-Class Economy Boutique Hotel

BH2317 World-Class Eco / Green Boutique Hotel

BH2318 World-Class Event Boutique Hotel

BH2319 World-Class Family Retreat Boutique Hotel

BH2320 World-Class Gastro-boutique Hotel

BH2321 World-Class Getaway Boutique Hotel

BH2322 World-Class Hipster Boutique Hotel

BH2323 World-Class Historical Boutique Hotel

BH2324 World-Class Honeymoon Hideaway Boutique Hotel

BH2325 World-Class Lifestyle Boutique Hotel

BH2326 World-Class Luxury Boutique Hotel

BH2327 World-Class Micro Boutique Hotel

BH2328 World-Class New Boutique Hotel

BH2329 World-Class Residential Boutique Hotel

BH2330 World-Class Romantic Retreat Boutique Hotel

BH2331 World-Class Rustic Boutique Hotel

BH2332 World-Class Townhouse Boutique Hotel

BH2333 World-Class Urban Boutique Hotel

BH2334 World-Class Wellness Boutique Hotel

BH2300 New Category: Boutique Hotel

Cottage & Lodge

CL2301 World-Class Adventure Destination

CL2302 World-Class Beach Lodge

CL2303 World-Class Bush Lodge

CL2304 World-Class Country Lodge

CL2305 World-Class Safari Lodge

CL2306 World-Class Game Lodge

CL2307 World-Class Lodge

CL2308 World-Class Mountain Lodge

CL2309 World-Class Private Game Reserve

CL2310 World-Class Safari Retreat

CL2311 World-Class Ski Lodge

CL2312 World-Class Tented Safari Camp

CL2313 World-Class Treetop Lodge

CL2314 World-Class Wilderness Lodge

CL2300 New Category: Cottage & Lodge


HT2301 World-Class Airport Hotel

HT2302 World-Class AirTransit Hotel

HT2303 World-Class All Suite Hotel

HT2304 World-Class Architecture Design Hotel

HT2305 World-Class Art Hotel

HT2306 World-Class Banquet / Event Hotel

HT2307 World-Class Beach Hotel

HT2308 World-Class Best Scenic Environment Hotel

HT2309 World-Class Boutique Hotel

HT2310 World-Class Business Hotel

HT2311 World-Class Casino Hotel

HT2312 World-Class Castle Hotel

HT2313 World-Class City Hotel

HT2314 World-Class Coastal Hotel

HT2315 World-Class Conference Hotel

HT2316 World-Class Contemporary Hotel

HT2317 World-Class Country Hotel

HT2318 World-Class Cruise Hotel

HT2319 World-Class Cultural Hotel

HT2320 World-Class Design Hotel

HT2321 World-Class Diplomatic Hotel

HT2322 World-Class Eco / Green Hotel

HT2323 World-Class Economy Hotel

HT2324 World-Class Event Hotel

HT2325 World-Class Family All-Inclusive Hotel

HT2326 World-Class Family Hotel

HT2327 World-Class Floating Hotel

HT2328 World-Class Gourmet Hotel

HT2329 World-Class Harbour Hotel

HT2330 World-Class Heritage Hotel

HT2331 World-Class Historical Hotel

HT2332 World-Class Honeymoon Hotel

HT2333 World-Class Hot Spring Hotel

HT2334 World-Class Hotel

HT2335 World-Class Hotel & Conference Centre

HT2336 World-Class Hotel Group

HT2337 World-Class Hotel Suite

HT2338 World-Class Lakeside Hotel

HT2339 World-Class Modern Hotel

HT2340 World-Class Mountain Hotel

HT2341 World-Class New Hotel

HT2342 World-Class Palace Hotel

HT2343 World-Class Riverside Hotel

HT2344 World-Class Romantic Hotel

HT2345 World-Class Rooftop View Hotel

HT2346 World-Class Scenic View Hotel

HT2347 World-Class Ski Hotel

HT2348 World-Class Small Hotel

HT2349 World-Class Spa Hotel

HT2350 World-Class Sport Hotel

HT2351 World-Class Suite Hotel

HT2352 World-Class Wedding Hotel

HT2353 World-Class Wellness Hotel

HT2354 World-Class Wine Estate Hotel

HT2300 New Category: World-Class Hotel


RT2301 World-Class Adult Beach Resort

RT2302 World-Class Beach Resort

RT2303 World-Class Beachfront Resort

RT2304 World-Class Boutique Resort

RT2305 World-Class Coastal Design Resort

RT2306 World-Class Coastal Resort

RT2307 World-Class Cultural Resort

RT2308 World-Class Desert Resort

RT2309 World-Class Eco Resort

RT2310 World-Class Family Beach Resort

RT2311 World-Class Family Resort

RT2312 World-Class Forest Resort

RT2313 World-Class Garden Resort

RT2314 World-Class Golf Resort

RT2315 World-Class Hideaway Resort

RT2316 World-Class Honeymoon Resort

RT2317 World-Class Hot Spring Resort

RT2318 World-Class Island Resort

RT2319 World-Class Lakeside Resort

RT2320 World-Class Mountain Resort

RT2321 World-Class New Resort

RT2322 World-Class Ocean View Resort

RT2323 World-Class Private Beach Resort

RT2324 World-Class Private Island Resort

RT2325 World-Class Resort

RT2326 World-Class Riverside Resort

RT2327 World-Class Romantic Beach Resort

RT2328 World-Class Ski Resort

RT2329 World-Class Spa Resort

RT2330 World-Class Thalasso Therapy Spa Resort

RT2331 World-Class Theme Park Resort

RT2332 World-Class Villa Resort

RT2333 World-Class Water Villa Resort

RT2334 World-Class Wedding Resort

RT2335 World-Class Wildlife Resort

RT2300 New Category: Resort Hotel

Retreats & Others

RO2301 World-Class Adventure Destination

RO2302 World-Class All-Inclusive Retreat

RO2303 World-Class Beach Retreat

RO2304 World-Class Boutique Retreat

RO2305 World-Class Boutique Serviced Apartments

RO2306 World-Class Brand

RO2307 World-Class Business Serviced Apartments

RO2308 World-Class City Serviced Apartments

RO2309 World-Class Collection Group

RO2310 World-Class Contemporary Serviced Apartments

RO2311 World-Class Country House

RO2312 World-Class Cultural Retreat

RO2313 World-Class Cultural Spa Retreat

RO2314 World-Class Desert Camp

RO2315 World-Class Guest House

RO2316 World-Class Healing Retreat

RO2317 World-Class Holistic Retreat

RO2318 World-Class Management Group

RO2319 World-Class Private Residence

RO2320 World-Class Relaxation Retreat

RO2321 World-Class Serviced Apartment

RO2322 World-Class Ski Chalet

RO2323 World-Class Spa & Healing Retreat

RO2324 World-Class Spa & Wellness Sanctuary

RO2325 World-Class Spa Retreat

RO2326 World-Class Tented Camp

RO2327 World-Class Wedding Destination

RO2328 World-Class Wellbeing Retreat

RO2329 World-Class Wellness Healing Retreat

RO2330 World-Class Wellness Retreat

RO2331 World-Class Wellness Sanctuary

RO2332 World-Class Women's Retreat

RO2333 World-Class Women's Sanctuary

RO2334 World-Class Yoga & Wellness Retreat

RO2335 World-Class Yoga & Wellness Sanctuary

RO2336 World-Class Yoga Retreat

RO2300 New Category: Retreats & Others


SP2301 World-Class Adult-Only Spa

SP2302 World-Class Airport Spa

SP2303 World-Class Ayurveda Spa

SP2304 World-Class Beach Resort Spa

SP2305 World-Class Beauty Spa

SP2306 World-Class Boutique Spa

SP2307 World-Class Bush Lodge Spa

SP2308 World-Class Business Hotel Spa

SP2309 World-Class Business Spa

SP2310 World-Class Camp Spa

SP2311 World-Class Casino Hotel Spa

SP2312 World-Class City Hotel Spa

SP2313 World-Class City Spa

SP2314 World-Class Countryside Spa

SP2315 World-Class Cruise Ship Spa

SP2316 World-Class Day Spa

SP2317 World-Class Desert Spa

SP2318 World-Class Destination Spa

SP2319 World-Class Eco Spa

SP2320 World-Class Emerging Spa

SP2321 World-Class Female Spa

SP2322 World-Class Fitness Spa

SP2323 World-Class Forest Spa

SP2324 World-Class Garden Spa

SP2325 World-Class Golf Resort Spa

SP2326 World-Class Hammam Spa

SP2327 World-Class Healing Spa

SP2328 World-Class Health Spa

SP2329 World-Class Hideaway Spa

SP2330 World-Class Historical Hotel Spa

SP2331 World-Class Holistic Spa

SP2332 World-Class Hot Spring Spa

SP2333 World-Class Hotel Spa

SP2334 World-Class Hydrotherapy Spa

SP2335 World-Class Island Resort Spa

SP2336 World-Class Jungle Resort Spa

SP2337 World-Class Lakeside Hotel Spa

SP2338 World-Class Lakeside Lodge Spa

SP2339 World-Class Lodge Spa

SP2340 World-Class Male Spa

SP2341 World-Class Medical Spa

SP2342 World-Class Mineral Spring Spa

SP2343 World-Class Modern Hotel Spa

SP2344 World-Class Mountain Resort Spa

SP2345 World-Class New Hotel Spa

SP2346 World-Class New Resort Spa

SP2347 World-Class Oceanview Spa

SP2348 World-Class Onsen Spa

SP2349 World-Class Oriental Spa

SP2350 World-Class Overwater Spa

SP2351 World-Class Private Island Spa

SP2352 World-Class Resort Spa

SP2353 World-Class Riverside Spa

SP2354 World-Class Romantic Destination Spa

SP2355 World-Class Rooftop Spa

SP2356 World-Class Safari Spa

SP2357 World-Class Ski Resort Spa

SP2358 World-Class Skincare Clinic

SP2359 World-Class Spa Group

SP2360 World-Class Spa Village

SP2361 World-Class Thermal Hotel Spa

SP2362 World-Class Thermal Resort Spa

SP2363 World-Class Thermal Spa

SP2364 World-Class Traditional Thai Spa

SP2365 World-Class Urban Escape

SP2366 World-Class Wellness Centre

SP2367 World-Class Wellness Spa

SP2300 New Category: Spa Hotel


VH2301 World-Class Beach Villa

VH2302 World-Class Beachfront Villa

VH2303 World-Class Boutique Villa

VH2304 World-Class Bush Villa

VH2305 World-Class Contemporary Villa

VH2306 World-Class Eco / Green Villa

VH2307 World-Class Hideaway Villa

VH2308 World-Class Private Pool Villa

VH2309 World-Class Private Villa

VH2310 World-Class Romantic Villa

VH2311 World-Class Serviced Villas

VH2312 World-Class Venue / Commercial Villa

VH2313 World-Class Villa Group

VH2314 World-Class Wellness Villa

VH2300 New Category: Villa


Architecture Design

AD2301 Agricultural Buildings

AD2302 Arches, Bridges, Viaducts & Gateways

AD2303 Aviation

AD2304 Boutique

AD2305 Business Building

AD2306 Commercial High-Rise

AD2307 Commercial Low-Rise

AD2308 Commercial Offices

AD2309 Conceptual

AD2310 Cultural

AD2311 Educational

AD2312 Healthcare

AD2313 Heritage

AD2314 Hotels & Resorts

AD2315 Industrial

AD2316 Infrastructure

AD2317 Institutional

AD2318 Landmarks

AD2319 Landscape

AD2320 Leisure

AD2321 Lighting

AD2322 Memorials

AD2323 Mix Use Architectural Designs

AD2324 Mobile Homes

AD2325 Multi Unit Housing Low Rise

AD2326 Office Building

AD2327 Parks

AD2328 Plazas

AD2329 Pop-Ups & Temporary

AD2330 Prefab Homes

AD2331 Public Art & Public Art Installation

AD2332 Public Spaces

AD2333 Rebirth Project

AD2334 Recreational

AD2335 Residential High-Rise

AD2336 Residential Low-Rise

AD2337 Residential (Single)

AD2338 Restaurants & Bars

AD2339 Restoration & Renovation

AD2340 Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall

AD2341 Best Rural Design

AD2342 Social Housing

AD2343 Sports & Recreation

AD2344 Sustainable / Environmental / Green

AD2345 Swimming Pool & Terrace

AD2346 Symbolic Structures

AD2347 Transportation

AD2348 Urban Design

AD2300 New Category: Architectural Design

Interior Design

ID2301 Apartment

ID2302 Aviation

ID2303 Bathroom

ID2304 Beauty Salon

ID2305 Bedrooms

ID2306 Boutique

ID2307 Children's Rooms & Nurseries

ID2308 Civic / Public

ID2309 Commercial

ID2310 Cultural

ID2311 Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions

ID2312 Healthcare

ID2313 Heritage

ID2314 Historic Restoration

ID2315 Home Décor

ID2316 Home Stay / Airbnb

ID2317 Hospitality

ID2318 Hotels & Resorts

ID2319 Installation

ID2320 Institutional / Educational

ID2321 Intelligent Homes

ID2322 Kitchen

ID2323 Leisure & Wellness

ID2324 Lighting

ID2325 Living Spaces

ID2326 Mix Use Building: Residential & Commercial

ID2327 Office

ID2328 Recreation Spaces

ID2329 Religious, Symbolic & Spiritual Buildings / Monuments

ID2330 Residential

ID2331 Restaurants & Bars

ID2332 Retail / Department Stores / Malls

ID2333 Service Centers

ID2334 Spa / Fitness

ID2335 Sports / Entertainment

ID2336 Stage

ID2337 World's Best Stage

ID2300 New Category: Interior Design

Landscape Design

LD2301 Balcony Design

LD2302 Commercial Landscape

LD2303 Concept Design

LD2304 Corporate Landscape

LD2305 Cultural Heritage Design

LD2306 Garden Landscape

LD2307 Hotel & Resort Landscape

LD2308 Infrastructure Landscape

LD2309 Institutional Landscape

LD2310 Interiorscape Design

LD2311 Land Management

LD2312 Landscape Maintenance

LD2313 Landscape Renovation

LD2314 Master Planning

LD2315 Open Space Design

LD2316 Parks & Open Space Landscape

LD2317 Plantscape Design

LD2318 Playspace Landscape

LD2319 Public Landscape

LD2320 Residential Landscape

LD2300 New Category: Landscape Design



RC2301 Artisanal & Organic Cuisine

RC2302 African Cuisine

RC2303 Argentinian Cuisine

RC2304 Asian Cuisine

RC2305 Asian Fusion Cuisine

RC2306 Belgian Cuisine

RC2307 Brazilian Cuisine

RC2308 British Cuisine

RC2309 Chinese Cuisine

RC2310 Contemporary Cuisine

RC2311 Danish Cuisine

RC2312 Dutch Cuisine

RC2313 European Cuisine

RC2314 Fine Dining Cuisine

RC2315 Finnish Cuisine

RC2316 French Cuisine

RC2317 Fusion Cuisine

RC2318 German Cuisine

RC2319 Gourmet Cuisine

RC2320 Gourmet Vegan Cuisine

RC2321 Greek Cuisine

RC2322 International Cuisine

RC2323 Haute Cuisine

RC2324 Health and Wellness Cuisine

RC2325 Hungarian Cuisine

RC2326 Indian Cuisine

RC2327 Indigenous / Heritage Cuisine

RC2328 Indonesian Cuisine

RC2329 Italian Cuisine

RC2330 Japanese Cuisine

RC2331 Lebanese Cuisine

RC2332 Kosher Cuisine

RC2333 Specialty Cuisine

RC2334 Wedding / Event Cuisine

RC2335 Malaysian Cuisine

RC2336 Mediterranean Cuisine

RC2337 Mexican Cuisine

RC2338 Molecular Cuisine

RC2339 Moroccan Cuisine

RC2340 Okinawa Ryukyu Cuisine

RC2341 Pakistani Cuisine

RC2342 Palestinian Cuisine

RC2343 Peruvian Cuisine

RC2344 Polish Cuisine

RC2345 Portuguese Cuisine

RC2346 Romanian Cuisine

RC2347 Russian Cuisine

RC2348 South African Cuisine

RC2349 South American Cuisine

RC2350 Spanish Cuisine

RC2351 Swedish Cuisine

RC2352 Teppanyaki-style Cuisine

RC2353 Thai Cuisine

RC2354 Turkish Cuisine

RC2355 Vietnamese Cuisine

RC2300 New Category: Cuisine


FB2301 Alcoholic Drinks

FB2302 Balsamic Vinegar

FB2303 Beer

FB2304 Caramel

FB2305 Carbonated Drinks

FB2306 Caviar

FB2307 Champagne

FB2308 Cheese

FB2309 Chocolate

FB2310 Cider

FB2311 Coffee

FB2312 Cognac

FB2313 Dates

FB2314 Energy Drink

FB2315 Gin

FB2316 Grains

FB2317 Honey

FB2318 Ice Cream and Dessert

FB2319 Juice and Juice Drinks

FB2320 Meat and Seafood

FB2321 Méthode Cap Classique

FB2322 Milk

FB2323 Oils

FB2324 Olive Oil

FB2325 Pantry

FB2326 Preserves

FB2327 Pickles

FB2328 Snacks

FB2329 Sports & Energy Drinks

FB2330 Sweets

FB2331 Soy Sauce

FB2332 Still Drinks

FB2333 Tea

FB2334 Vodka

FB2335 Water

FB2336 Whisky

FB2337 Wine

FB2300 New Category: F&B

Restaurant & Bar

RB2301 All-Day Buffet Dining

RB2302 Ambience

RB2303 Bar in Restaurant

RB2304 Bars

RB2305 Beach Club Dining

RB2306 Beach Lounge Bar Dining

RB2307 Beachside Restaurant

RB2308 Boutique Hotel Restaurant

RB2309 Brasserie

RB2310 Buffet Dining

RB2311 Cafés

RB2312 Cliff Restaurant

RB2313 Conference Restaurant

RB2314 Dark Kitchen Restaurant

RB2315 Dining Concept

RB2316 Dining Experience

RB2317 Eco / Green Restaurant

RB2318 Entertainment Restaurant

RB2319 Event Restaurant

RB2320 Family Restaurant

RB2321 Farm to Table Restaurant

RB2322 Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant

RB2323 Floating Restaurant

RB2324 Gastro Lounge Bar

RB2325 Gastro Pub

RB2326 Gourmet Bistro

RB2327 Gourmet Lounge Bar

RB2328 Gourmet-Style Buffet

RB2329 Heritage Restaurant

RB2330 Hill View Restaurant

RB2331 Historical & Heritage  Lounge Bar

RB2332 Hotel Restaurant

RB2333 Lake View Restaurant

RB2334 Landmark Restaurant

RB2335 Lounge Bar - Theme

RB2336 Lounge Bar Café

RB2337 Lounge Bar Restaurant

RB2338 Magnificent Scenic Views

RB2339 Mountain View Restaurant

RB2340 Nightclub Restaurant

RB2341 Ocean View Restaurant

RB2342 Panoramic Views

RB2343 Pool Restaurant

RB2344 Private Lounge Bar

RB2345 Resort Restaurant

RB2346 Roof Top Restaurant

RB2347 Scenic Setting

RB2348 Seafood Restaurant

RB2349 Sky Restaurant

RB2350 Spa Restaurant

RB2351 Steakhouse

RB2352 Tapas Restaurant

RB2353 Theme Restaurant

RB2354 Unique Experience

RB2355 Waterside Restaurant

RB2356 Wine Estate Restaurant

RB2300 New Category: Restaurant


Cruise & Ferry

CF2301 World-Class Activities Cruise Ship

CF2302 World-Class Boutique Cruise

CF2303 World-Class Cruise Line

CF2304 World-Class Cruise Ship Suite

CF2305 World-Class Destination Regional Cruise

CF2306 World-Class Dining Cruise Ship

CF2307 World-Class Entertainment Cruise Ship

CF2308 World-Class Expedition Cruise

CF2309 World-Class Families Cruise Ship

CF2310 World-Class Family Cruise Line

CF2311 World-Class Ferry / Mini Cruise Line

CF2312 World-Class Gambling Cruise Ship

CF2313 World-Class Green Cruise Line

CF2314 World-Class Large Cruise Ship

CF2315 World-Class Midsize Cruise Ship

CF2316 World-Class New Cruise Development

CF2317 World-Class New Cruise Ship

CF2318 World-Class No-fly Cruise Line

CF2319 World-Class Ocean & Expedition Cruise Line

CF2320 World-Class Regional Cruise Line

CF2321 World-Class Regional Cruise Terminal

CF2322 World-Class River Cruise Line

CF2323 World-Class River Cruise Line Regional Level

CF2324 World-Class River Cruise Ship Regional Level

CF2325 World-Class River Cruise Suite Regional Level

CF2326 World-Class Romance Cruise Ship

CF2327 World-Class Shore Excursions Cruise

CF2328 World-Class Small Cruise Ship

CF2329 World-Class Travel Agency Cruise

CF2300 New Category: World-Class Cruise & Ferry

Retails & Services

RS2301 Best Accommodation Booking Website

RS2302 Best Airport Parking Provider

RS2303 Best Car Hire Provider

RS2304 Best Cruise Holiday Retailer

RS2305 Best Flight Booking Website

RS2306 Best Foreign Exchange / Travel Money Retailer

RS2307 Best High Street Travel Agency

RS2308 Best High Street Travel Agency Network

RS2309 Best National Travel Retailer

RS2310 Best Online Travel Retailer

RS2311 Best Travel Comparison/Offers Website

RS2312 Best Travel Insurance Provider

RS2300 New Category: Retails & Services

Theme Park

TP2301 Family Attraction

TP2302 Theme Park

TP2303 Tourism Attraction

TP2304 Tourism Destination

TP2305 Tourism Development Project

TP2306 Tourist Attraction

TP2307 Water Park

TP2300 New Category: Theme Park

Travel Company

TC2301 World-Class Activity/Sports Holiday Travel Company

TC2302 World-Class Adventure Holiday Travel Company

TC2303 World-Class Adventure Tour Operator

TC2304 World-Class Air ticketing Company

TC2305 World-Class All-Inclusive Holiday Travel Company

TC2306 World-Class Assisted / Accessible Holiday Travel Company

TC2307 World-Class Australia / Oceania Holidays Travel Company

TC2308 World-Class B2B Travel Provider

TC2309 World-Class Business Travel Agency

TC2310 World-Class Camping & Mobile Holiday Travel Company

TC2311 World-Class Caribbean / Central America Holidays Travel Company

TC2312 World-Class Central Europe Holidays Travel Company

TC2313 World-Class Central / East Asia Holidays Travel Company

TC2314 World-Class Coach Holiday Travel Company

TC2315 World-Class Corporate Travel Company

TC2316 World-Class Cruise Travel Agent

TC2317 World-Class Culture, Arts & History Holiday Travel Company

TC2318 World-Class Cycling Holiday Travel Company

TC2319 World-Class Desert Safari Company

TC2320 World-Class Destination Management Company

TC2321 World-Class Distillery Tour

TC2322 World-Class Domestic Tour Operator

TC2323 World-Class Emerging Travel Company

TC2324 World-Class Escorted Group Holiday Travel Company

TC2325 World-Class Family Holiday Travel Company

TC2326 World-Class Gastronomy & Wine Holiday Travel Company

TC2327 World-Class Group Tour Operator

TC2328 World-Class Group Travel Company

TC2329 World-Class Hellenic Europe Holidays Travel Company

TC2330 World-Class Hospitality Development Company

TC2331 World-Class Hotel Management Company

TC2332 World-Class Inbound Tour Operator

TC2333 World-Class Indian Ocean Holidays Travel Company

TC2334 World-Class LGBT+ Holiday Travel Company

TC2335 World-Class Luxury Camping Company

TC2336 World-Class Luxury Holiday Travel Company

TC2337 World-Class Luxury Tour Operator

TC2338 World-Class Middle East / North Africa Holidays Travel Company

TC2339 World-Class Nordic Holidays Travel Company

TC2340 World-Class North America Holidays Travel Company

TC2341 World-Class Outbound Tour Operator

TC2342 World-Class Rail Holiday Travel Company

TC2343 World-Class Safari Travel Company

TC2344 World-Class Safari Tour Operator

TC2345 World-Class Sailing / Flotilla Holiday Travel Company

TC2346 World-Class Singles Holiday Travel Company

TC2347 World-Class Ski & Winter Sports Holiday Company

TC2348 World-Class South America Holidays Travel Company

TC2349 World-Class Southern Europe / Mediterranean Holidays Travel Company

TC2350 World-Class Southern / Southeast Asia Holidays Travel Company

TC2351 World-Class Spa / Wellness Holiday Travel Company

TC2352 World-Class Special Interest Holiday Travel Company

TC2353 World-Class Special Occasions Holiday Travel Company

TC2354 World-Class Sub-Saharan Africa Holidays Travel Company

TC2355 World-Class Summer Sun Holiday Travel Company

TC2356 World-Class Sustainable Tourism Company

TC2357 World-Class Tailor-Made Holiday Travel Company

TC2358 World-Class Tour Operator

TC2359 World-Class Touring Holiday Travel Company

TC2360 World-Class Travel Agency

TC2361 World-Class Travel Management Company

TC2362 World-Class Villa Holiday Company

TC2363 World-Class Walking & Trekking Holiday Travel Company

TC2364 World-Class Weddings Abroad Travel Company

TC2365 World-Class Wildlife & Nature Holiday Travel Company

TC2366 World-Class Winter Sun Holiday Travel Company

TC2367 World-Class Worldwide Travel Agency

TC2368 World-Class Youth Travel Destination

TC2369 World-Class City / Short Break Travel Company

TC2370 World-Class Lakes & Mountains Holiday Travel Company

TC2371 World-Class Online Travel Agency

TC2300 New Cateory: World-Class Travel Company

Enter Awards