Muse World Class Hotel

A hotel is never just a resting spot for the weary traveller. It is a beacon of light, a cornucopia of design, creativity and love that turns itself into not just a hotel, but a second home for many.

Show us the best of what a hotel can offer. Bold designs, austere landscapes and picturesque skies are some of the many things we would love to see from you.

We are proud to recognize some of the best luxury hotels there are in the world today. From the city of lights to the rustic landscapes, we want to see the best of luxurious hotel. Submit your best work today.

Hotel categories

WC1901. World Class AirTransit Hotel
WC1902. World Class Airport Hotel
WC1903. World Class Suite Hotel
WC1904. World Class Architecture Design Hotel
WC1905. World Class Art Hotel
WC1906. World Class Banquet/Event Hotel
WC1907. World Class Beach Hotel
WC1908. World Class Boutique Hotel
WC1909. World Class Business Hotel
WC1910. World Class Casino Hotel
WC1911. World Class Castle Hotel
WC1912. World Class City Hotel
WC1913. World Class Coastal Hotel
WC1914. World Class Contemporary Hotel
WC1915. World Class Country Hotel
WC1916. World Class Cruise Hotel
WC1917. World Class Cultural Hotel
WC1918. World Class Design Hotel
WC1919. World Class Diplomatic Hotel
WC1920. World Class Eco/Green Hotel
WC1921. World Class Family All-Inclusive Hotel
WC1922. World Class Family Hotel
WC1923. World Class Floating Hotel
WC1924. World Class Gourmet Hotel
WC1925. World Class Harbour Hotel
WC1926. World Class Heritage Hotel
WC1927. World Class Historical Hotel
WC1928. World Class Honeymoon Hotel
WC1929. World Class Hot Spring Hotel
WC1930. World Class Hotel & Conference Centre
WC1931. World Class Best Scenic Environment Hotel
WC1932. World Class Lakeside Hotel
WC1933. World Class Modern Hotel
WC1934. World Class Mountain Hotel
WC1935. World Class New Hotel
WC1936. World Class Palace Hotel
WC1937. World Class Riverside Hotel
WC1938. World Class Romantic Hotel
WC1939. World Class Rooftop View Hotel
WC1940. World Class Scenic View Hotel
WC1941. World Class Ski Hotel
WC1942. World Class Small Hotel
WC1943. World Class Spa Hotel
WC1944. World Class Sport Hotel
WC1945. World Class Wellness Hotel

Deadlines & Fees

In MUSE Hotel Awards, your submissions are based on individual entries, not based off groups. Any luxury hotel or establishments are eligible regardless of size of property.

Winners are chosen based on submission of one project, and not for an entire body of work.
Entry Period Early Bird
(Jun 1 - Jun 25, 2020)
(Jun 26 - Jul 30, 2020)
(Jul 31 - Sep 30, 2020)
1st Category entry $750 $850 $950
2nd Category Included Included Included
Additional 3rd Category and Above $350 $450 $550

* Fees are not refundable. If you withdraw your entry, or it is withdrawn by the MUSE Awards for noncompliance with our rules, your entry fee will NOT be refunded.

Multiple entries must be submitted with your initial entry in order to be counted as “additional entries”.

The entry fee and a 3-night complimentary voucher are required for entry to the Hotel Awards. The fee covers the extensive global marketing and exposure we provide to winners throughout the year, with the 3-night room voucher being reserved for conducting site inspections. Though encouraged, the latter is not a requirement for you to enter the competition.


The Winner of the MUSE Hotel Awards will have their winning works highlighted on the winner page of the MUSE Hotel Awards website and published on all of its social media platform for a full year.

In addition, Regal and Royal Muse winners will receive a complimentary certificate, a personalized press release and graphical downloads for promotional uses. Winners may also choose to purchase their statuettes for a fee to commemorate your win. All winning designs will also be featured in Muse.World, our main online media platforms for all things extraordinary.


Sleek, limited edition statuettes to signify your crowning achievement


Showcase your winning work with a published interview you complete with our convenient release form


Promote your achievement on correspondence, social media, websites, and more


Reputation-building endorsement personalized for you, and suitable for framing


Take your place in our "hall of fame" by adding your name to the pantheon of winners


Build success with promotional coverage on our high-visibility website and press releases


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